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Melissa Whalen Haertsch is a writer working in the genres of literary fiction and non-fiction, poetry and children’s literature. She also collaborates frequently with photographer Michael Poster on book arts and installation projects. Melissa lives on an old Quaker estate in the Endless Mountains of Pennsylvania where her husband and a large staff of children, pets and livestock assist her in her work. Read about their adventures at Wren Cottage Live! or Journey Into the North Orchard, a year-long cycle of haibun, a Japanese form incorporating travel journal and haiku.

Melissa’s writing has appeared in:

• Iowa Review
• Fourth Genre
• Five Years of Fourth Genre anthology
• Café Review
• Chattahoochee Review
• Cream City Review

Honors & exhibits include:

• “The Delicacy of Nature,” multi-artist show with haibun, Japanese travelogue-with-haiku, at Butternut Gallery & Second Story Books, November-December 2013.
• “Circle, Sinew, Fly: Shapes of Grace” at Butternut Gallery, Montrose, PA, October-November 2013. Photographs and a sestina from the New England Center for Circus Arts.
• FRACTURED: Michael Poster, Melissa Whalen Haertsch & Rodrica Tilley at Butternut Gallery, Montrose, PA, November-December 2011. In photographs, writing and pastel landscape prints, the artists examined the impact of gas drilling on their community.?
• We Still Make Stuff Here at Mahady Gallery, Marywood University, October-December 2010?
• Artist in Residence 2006-2007, Salt Springs State Park, Franklin Forks, PA.
• 2002 Pushcart Prize nomination

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